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VOH was begun to chronicle the Healing revival of the late 40’s and 50’s in the USA. Initially following the ministry of William Branham, the magazine expanded to refer to many of the ministers involved in the healing campaigns - Jack Coe, A.A. Allen, Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn and Paul Cain. Thousands of documented miracles occurred. Although many of the leaders fell into sin, God was still glorified for about a decade before he took the anointing away.

Published by Rev Gordon Lindsay

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Testimonies from A.A. Allen’s Miracle Magazine

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Miracle Magazine Pages

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The Boy who Sees - with a Plastic Eye! - Confirmed miracle from 1954. Download and read the picture files below.

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The Acts of the Holy Spirit 
Testimonies taken directly from the Voice of Healing Magazines and cleaned up for you to read and learn from.

How-To’s of Healing
Teaching from the 1950s Healing Revival   
Missing for over 50 years
Most of the major questions people have about the Healing Ministry were dealt with during the 50’s revival.
Articles taken directly from the Voice of Healing Magazines and cleaned up for you to read and learn from.Voice_of_Healing_files/Acts%20of%20HS.pdfVoice_of_Healing_files/How-To%27s%20of%20Healing.pdfVoice_of_Healing_files/How-To%27s%20of%20Healing_1.pdf

Voice of Healing Magazines

A.A. Allen Video Clips and Books HERE or at 

Adult Ronald Coyne demonstrating his continuing miracle, which lasted till the day he died.

VOH Media Files - Video Clips, etc